About me
My journey. So far

As a child, I was always taking on the role of some character or another. I didn’t need a stage, any garden or lounge room would suffice. I would change my words, the way I spoke and the way I moved to bring my new identity to life so I could tell their story. I knew that even subtle changes in my behaviour meant my audience (OK – my mum, dad, and elderly next door neighbour) would perceive me differently. As I got older, I became a student of acting and performing arts. I was captivated by the way actors, directors, set designers, script writers – the whole production crew in fact – use the written word, vocal delivery, body language and all manner of sensory signals to tell a story. To communicate a message. To create a connection with us, their audience and strive to cause a shift in our thoughts, attitudes or behaviours.

This fascination with the way we send (and receive) information in order to build rapport with an audience, propelled me into a career as a public relations and communications consultant. I advised businesses of all shapes and sizes on how to tell their story and build their brand presence in a way that connected with their customers, employees and other key stakeholders, causing a shift in their perceptions and behaviours.

In 2010, after speaking at a national sales conference designed to inspire and engage 2,500 employees to follow his vision and direction for the company, the Managing Director I was working with thanked me, saying: “you have provided me with the necessary coaching that has not only improved my communication and presentation style and capabilities, but has given me a lasting self-confidence that will remain with me for life.”


My focus shifted from helping organisations communicate their business brand messages, to helping high-performing individuals identify and express their leadership presence. I uncover how they want to show up and speak up as a leader and empower them with the skills and confidence to communicate their best, authentic self to the world, so they can connect more meaningfully with their stakeholders and contribute with more impact and influence.

Behind The Scenes Communications was born.

Catherine Hollyman

Founder | Communications Coach, Behind The Scenes Communications


To empower current and future leaders to maximise their impact and contribution through effective, purposeful communication.


To equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources to communicate in a way that connects more meaningfully with your stakeholders, setting the stage for you to inform, inspire, educate, engage, excite, influence and persuade your teams, customers, peers and networks…and realise your potential as a leader.


All designed with my purpose and mission in mind. Using my proven Connection Point Framework as the foundation of my coaching, workshops and consultancy programs, you learn how to communicate with clarity, credibility, compassion and consistency so you connect more meaningfully with your different audiences, at every interaction. In doing so, you build your presence as a leader and fulfil your potential to make a positive contribution and lasting impact on your team, customers, peers and network of stakeholders.

Let me explain.  

All meaningful human connections – professional and personal – are founded on effective communication. Without it, we run the risk of being misinterpreted and misunderstood and that can cost time, money, resources, relationships and even our personal reputation.

As a leader, at any given time, you are working to influence and persuade your key stakeholders: employees, team members, peers, existing customers, potential customers, investors, suppliers, partners, business associates, shareholders, the board, the media, the government…the list goes on.

To do this, you are constantly trying to communicate different messages, to each different audience, in order to evoke a different response: inspiration, motivation, confirmation, engagement, agreement or advocacy.

Getting this right takes preparation, practice and perseverance. That’s why communication is referred to as a skill.

It is something we need to learn, practice, and master if we are to be successful at it. This starts with self-awareness.

We are constantly communicating something. The question is: are you communicating the right ‘something’…at the right time…in the right way…to reach your intended audience so they hear, interpret and understand you exactly as you had intended? 

Is your communication purposeful? Is it intentional? Is it meaningful?

Through my coaching, workshops, and consulting I break communication down to its fundamental building blocks: thinking, writing, speaking, non-verbal and listening. I teach you the principles of each communication skill and how they can all come together to help you communicate your messages more effectively. Delivering the right message, at the right time and in the right way to successfully persuade whichever stakeholder you are addressing.

Using my proven Connection Point Framework, you learn how to consistently communicate with clarity, credibility and compassion so you connect more meaningfully with your different audiences, at every interaction. In doing so, you will build your leadership presence and fulfil your potential to make a positive and lasting impact on your team, customers, peers and networks.

Whether it is for an upcoming conference or speaking engagement, an internal presentation, a client meeting, a new business pitch, or simply to improve the impact of your day-to-day communication, I am ready and waiting Behind The Scenes to help you:





Happy Clients

"Catherine immediately created a safe and trusting environment and I felt myself open up and speaking much more than I normally do within the first session together…Catherine is knowledgeable, supportive, respectful and inspires much confidence. Her feedback has been constructive, particularly around public speaking skills, presentation and communication and she has genuinely celebrated my successes and breakthroughs along the way…I am very grateful for this experience and for Catherine.”

Executive, FOX SPORTS

"You have provided me with many actionable strategies that have helped me build on my communication skills and overall confidence. This is something that not only I have noticed but also my colleagues.To know others have noticed is a fantastic testament to the course you've developed."

Ashleigh, Atlassian

"What I particularly appreciated about Catherine’s style and approach was that she adapted the sessions as we went along based on my questions and requests – and her assessment of where she felt I could benefit from more specific/detailed focus. She was super easy to connect with and work with, and the sessions enjoyable even though the process was challenging and confronting at times."

AD, Head of Operations & Customer Experience

"Cath’s work in leading me through the creation of an effective communications strategy to empower and accelerate my team’s development, was second to none. She has an amazing ability to focus and simplify the message ensuring it achieves results."

Mick, Director

"Catherine’s approach aligned with my learning style which encouraged me to be open in our sessions and to truly engage in meaningful ways of getting the best from every communication interaction. Catherine also provided me with practical tools and techniques for me to practice and prepare effective communications. I recommend Catherine and her “Communicate to Connect” program highly, to assist leaders to get the best out of every interaction."

David, Chief Executive Officer

"The Communicate to Connect program provided a very practical framework. Cath was awesome explaining the theory, but the big takeout were some practical tools [she provided] that can be applied on a daily basis to help make internal and external communication efforts more effective."

Garth, Chief Development Officer

"Thanks so much for creating a leadership programme founded on purpose & vision, which embraces compassion & clarity and is backed by hands-on practical tools. This [Advanced Leadership Masterclass] is for anyone, at any stage of their leadership journey, who wants to lead with authenticity, integrity and build high trust relationships."

Rhoita, Principal