Speak to Connect Program

Do you want to:

  • present with passion, purpose and persuasion?
  • make a memorable impression?
  • motivate and inspire others to take action?
  • speak so others listen, understand and react?
  • turn your nerves into composure?

Then my Speak to Connect program is perfect for you! 

Public speaking doesn’t have to be so scary that it’s up there with death as one of life’s greatest fears. Nor should it render your audience to death by powerpoint!

In this one-day workshop, you’ll discover how to design, develop and deliver presentations that connect with the hearts and minds of your audience, setting the stage for you to contribute a lasting impact.

“After a full day 1-on-1 intensive session, my perspective on public speaking has fundamentally been shifted.  And with a new speaking toolkit, I’m not going to miss another opportunity to engage with my team or clients. If you’ve considered improving your leadership public speaking abilities, drop Cath a message, I’d highly recommend it!” 

David, Sales Leader - Brisbane

Following my 4D Framework, you will learn:



How to create messages that stick and move people into action


How to design your talk so it speaks directly to your audience


The core principles of persuasive presentations


The imperfect balance between style and substance



How to clearly organise your thoughts and structure your talk so your audience can follow


How to capture the attention of your audience...and keep it!


How to convince your audience


How to close with purpose



How to use visual and tangible aids to support your presentation, not take over


How to use your body language to reinforce your message


The importance of harmonious communication


How to speak so others want to listen



The importance of preparation, practice and perseverance


How to overcome your nerves and channel them into energy and enthusiasm


How to prepare for - and manage - the unexpected


How to get the most from your speaking experience...and enjoy it!

“Catherine facilitated a session for me with a group of Senior Executives on communication and public speaking skills. At every step along the way, from the planning to the delivery of the session, I was extremely impressed by Catherine’s professionalism, knowledge, authenticity and warmth. She was able to make what can be a challenging and complex skill, simple and inspiring. She really went way above the call of duty to deliver something of very high quality! Thank you again Catherine and I hope we can work together again at some stage.”


Founder, Goddess in the Boardroom

The Speak to Connect program is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who need to become their own best marketing tool so they build their reputation as an expert, a thought leader
  • Business leaders: who want to inspire and motivate their employees to follow them in pursuit of their vision and purpose
  • Managers: who want to solidify their personal brand; build a reputation of trust and credibility; and fast-track their career progression
  • Anyone: with a story to tell but no idea where to start!

What to expect:

  • A before and after recording so you see what your audience sees, and how much you can improve in just one day
  • A practical, step-by-step process to help you design, develop, deliver and define your next presentation and any future presentations
  • High-impact tools and techniques used by speakers all over the world
  • Easy-to-implement models and frameworks to help you create a clear and compelling talk
  • Individual coaching on the day
  • Time to work on your talk and rehearse
  • An easy-going, safe space to practice and improve your public speaking

“Thank you for leading the group on their amazing journey to become fit for public speaking yesterday. The program was comprehensive and well planned, and the team worked extremely well to bring out the best of each participant. It was wonderful to witness the development of the participants from ‘Take 1’ to their ‘Opening Night’. Congratulations on your leadership.”


Education Program Coordinator, YPO Queensland

What to wear and bring:

  • A 3-5 minute talk – this can be anything…a new business pitch; a best man speech; a video marketing script; a keynote address; a team presentation, whatever you like. Perhaps you have a talk coming up you want to work on? Or maybe you recently delivered a presentation you weren’t happy with and want to improve it? Bring it along and let’s make sure it truly connects with your audience
  • Laptop, tablet, or notepad and pen – whatever your preferred method of taking notes
  • Water bottle and snacks
  • Wear something you are comfortable in, however you may wish to wear or bring along something that suits the talk you will be working on
  • A willingness and openness to learn and try new ways of working
  • A sense of courage and creativity!