Are you a leader who wants to:

  • Increase your ability to impact and influence others?
  • Build your presence as a leader?
  • Establish your credibility?
  • Build rapport?
  • Improve your confidence?
  • Present your thoughts and ideas with clarity?
  • Engage, inspire and motivate those around you?

Then my Communicate to Connect coaching program is just for you.


What to expect:

Discreet, confidential and supportive coaching and mentoring sessions tailored to your individual needs. Every session is designed with one thing in mind: to enable you to communicate to connect with your various stakeholders – employees, peers, customers, prospects, and more.


How it works:

Full details of my Communicate to Connect program can be found here.

Looking for more bespoke coaching? No problem. Simply book a FREE 30 min session with me. We’ll establish your leadership communication goals and key motivators and identify the communication barriers that might be holding you back. I’ll give you some tips and techniques to improve the impact of your day-to-day communication immediately and recommend a suitable coaching pathway to help you build your presence as a leader and set the stage to contribute a positive and lasting impact.


Coaching sessions can be held face-to-face or over Skype, Google Hangouts or equivalent. I am happy to travel anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. If required, any travel and accommodation outside of Sydney CBD, North Shore and Northern Beaches is charged at cost.

Happy Clients

“Catherine immediately created a safe and trusting environment and I felt myself open up and speaking much more than I normally do within the first session together…Catherine is knowledgeable, supportive, respectful and inspires much confidence. Her feedback has been constructive, particularly around public speaking skills, presentation and communication and she has genuinely celebrated my successes and breakthroughs along the way…I am very grateful for this experience and for Catherine.”

Executive, FOX SPORTS

“What I particularly appreciated about Catherine’s style and approach was that she adapted the sessions as we went along based on my questions and requests – and her assessment of where she felt I could benefit from more specific/detailed focus. She was super easy to connect with and work with, and the sessions enjoyable even though the process was challenging and confronting at times.”

AD, Head of Operations & Customer Experience

“Cath is a genuine, caring and passionate coach, who’s only centre of the journey is you!
Working with Cath over a year, I saw great results through her powerful, tangible tips that help you break the barriers. Cath is personable, she follows up and makes sure you’re sticking to and achieving the objectives you set out in the beginning. I highly recommend Cath for leaders looking to grow and develop.”

Sarah, Head of Entertainment Partnerships

“Catherine helped me define my project and helped me structure it in an effective way that allowed me to provide clarity and clearly communicate my message. I am thrilled that I have found BTS Communications who no doubt I will be retaining to assist with future projects. If you’re looking for clear and effective communication training you simply can’t go past Catherine Hollyman.”

Catherine, Managing Director



  • Do you want to learn how to present with passion, purpose and persuasion?
  • Do you want to build your confidence and personal presence when speaking in public?

My Speak to Connect workshop is designed just for you!

  • Do you want to create a better rapport and connection with others?
  • Do you want to understand your communication style and how to flex it so you get your message across?

Then take a look at my Flex to Connect workshop!

My group workshops are a fun, interactive way to help you uncover your unique communication and presentation style, and develop the communication skills you need to connect more meaningfully with your audiences.

Full day workshops: run from 9:00am – 5:00pm, with an hour for lunch, and coffee breaks.

Half day workshops: run from 9:00am – 12:30pm or from 1:30pm – 5:00pm, with coffee breaks.


What to expect:

A friendly, relaxed and – most importantly – safe environment to develop your communication skills whilst having some fun…especially if you come with a friend or colleague!


How it works:

Public workshops: I currently hold public workshops in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Brisbane and Melbourne. SIGN UP HERE to find out when my next workshop is coming to a city near you!

In-house training: I offer corporate communication skills training and development for employees at all levels of your organisation. Choose a standalone workshop or incorporate communication skills development into your current training schedule. GET IN TOUCH for an obligation-free chat to discuss your current needs. From there I’ll create a bespoke workshop with a menu of options for you to choose from. No hidden costs. No hidden fees. Communication and presentation skills training designed specifically for you, your business and your employees.


I currently hold workshops in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne and Brisbane. I’m always keen to venture to pastures new, so if you would like to arrange a workshop near you, I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Happy Clients

“Cath provided a monthly communications training program for our team and, for many, it was a highlight of their month! Her preparation was impeccable, the content was matched to the needs of the participants and the priorities of the business, and her between-sessions follow-up reinforced the learning. She could not have done a better job.”

Craig, Co-founder & CEO

“Cath’s “Communicate to Create a High Performing Team” workshop was a hands-on, informative and thought-provoking session. My team and I were inspired and left with a clear, actionable plan to improve our communication with our employees and with each other. If you want to empower your people to communicate more effectively in order to create better organisational outcomes, I highly recommend engaging Cath.”

Andrea, CEO

“We have used Catherine several times during the development of our team. We have always found her to be veru professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful in guiding our young team think about things they otherwise may not get the chance to explore. This has been essential in the development of our culture as we have grown. I strongly recommend Catherine.”

Daniel, Founder & CEO

“Cath’s delivery was so engaging, and I got so much from the session. I would recommend anyone in a leadership position, or thinking of becoming a leader in any industry, to attend this session. I came back to my team and delivered one of the best presentations I have ever done. My team was engaged, bought-in, and had a much bigger, and shared understanding of our purpose and vision.”

Holly, Sales Team Leader

“Cath is a true professional. Her style is a perfect mix of building on the theory with practical activity to reinforce the concepts. Our group had a really significant session, yet it felt over in a flash, and left us wanting more. I think that is the true mark of a professional. Oh, and I hope you get to do the Lego activity!”

Adam, Team Leader



  • Do you want to build a high-performing team?
  • Is your business growing rapidly or going through a period of change?
  • Do you need to keep employees informed, united and aligned behind your business vision and strategy?
  • Do want to improve employee engagement?

Then you’re in the right place – my Connected Workplace program is just what you need!


What to expect:

My aim is simple: to open the lines of communication throughout your business, so you build a high-performing team and a culture of trust, pride and enjoyment.


How it works:

I work to set you up for success and then hand over the reins. I equip you with the strategies, frameworks and skills to integrate clear and consistent communication in a sustainable way, so you learn to inform, engage, inspire and unite your employees without my intervention.

Every business and every leader has different communication needs so there is no single, cookie-cutter approach to doing this. The first step is to GET IN TOUCH and we’ll arrange a no-strings-attached chat to work out if I’m the right fit for you, and you for me.


I am based in Sydney but thanks for the wonders of technology I work with clients all over the world! That said, I’m happy to travel anywhere in Australia and New Zealand if required. Any travel and accommodation outside of Sydney CBD, North Shore and Northern Beaches is charged at cost.

Happy Clients

“Catherine is a very professional and personable individual. She was able to navigate a lot of strong personalities and opinions within our diverse company, helping us solidify a corporate narrative and forward thinking strategy. Working with Catherine was extremely easy – and fun to boot! She has a wealth of experience and was able to quickly mesh with our company culture and delver a very succinct package unique to us. Would absolutely work with her again.”

Kate, Communications & People Manager

“Cath’s work in leading me through the creation of an effective communications strategy to empower and accelerate my team’s development, was second to none. She has an amazing ability to focus and simplify the message ensuring it achieves results.”

Mick, Director

“Catherine is a curious, creative and masterful communicator. Having engaged Catherine on various projects including strategic communications, executive coaching and skills workshops, Catherine consistently demonstrates her wizardry in the field of verbal and written communication. She actively seeks to distill and simplify our spoken and written word to drive meaning and impact across the business. I would highly recommend Catherine for any business, team and/or individual seeking the tools and strategies to achieve cut through in a world of constant connectivity.”

Brooke, Head of Human Resources



Keynote, Lunch n Learn and breakfast seminars designed to educate, inspire and empower the audience to communicate, connect and contribute the impact and results they have the potential to make. Popular topics include:

  • “Stop feeding your impostor monster!”
  • “Find your Connection Point”
  • “I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”
  • “How to show up, speak up and step up to leadership”
  • “Cut the CRAP and start being REAL”

What to expect:

I arm the audience with practical and easy-to-implement tools, techniques and frameworks that improve the impact of their day-to-day communication immediately and set them on the path to high-performing leadership communication.


How it works:

Each presentation is tailored specifically to you, your team, your business, your industry, your challenges and opportunities, the context, location and time frame of the presentation, the outcome you want to achieve and – most importantly – to the audience.

If you would like me to speak at your next event, GET IN TOUCH!


I’m happy to travel anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. The further afield, the more notice I’ll need so get in touch today and let’s get cracking!

Happy Clients

“Catherine’s content is fantastic. She has a way of explaining concepts that is easily understood, relatable and retained. It’s rare to find an instructor and course that is all three things.”

Sam, National Supply Chain Manager

“As a new leader in my field still trying to find my feet in these type of position, this really helped figuring out my goals, how to get there, and how to manage the people around me.”

Anne-Laure, Senior Associate

“Thanks so much for creating a leadership programme founded on purpose & vision, which embraces compassion & clarity and is backed by hands on practical tools. This [Advanced Leadership Masterclass] is for anyone, at any stage of their leadership journey, who wants to lead with authenticity, integrity and build high trust relationships.”

Rhoita, Principal

“Great masterclass, addresses why you want to become a leader and how to maximise your influence in your team and organisation.”

Gabrielle, Project Engineer

“I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine’s WIE Advanced Leadership Masterclass. Her content and delivery, spoke to my inner values and the kind of leader I aspire to be. She was also empathetic and kind when presented with nuanced questions and concerns, while ensuring we all remained focussed on our respective individual journeys as leaders.”

Audia, Operational Readiness Manager

“Catherine is a spectacular speaker. Her masterclass BTSon leadership and communication has given me valuable tools that will really help develop my career.”

Maria, Civil Engineer


Online Courses

  • Do you prefer to learn at your own pace?
  • Do you want access on-demand, 24/7?
  • Do you have a limited budget?
  • Are you comfortable putting theory into practice by yourself?
  • Are you ready to accelerate your career progression with practical leadership communication strategies?

Then my online courses are just for you!

Start learning immediately, with instant access to the full content when you sign up.

If your team or organisation is currently facing challenging times, my FREE 10 Leadership Communication Strategies for Times of Crisis course is packed with tips and ideas to help you connect with your team and stakeholders, even when the going gets tough.

If you’re a new manager or emerging leader and need to level up your communication skills, increase your confidence, build your leadership presence, engage your team members and drive performance, then step up to the on-demand Communicate to Connect program. Based on my highly successful and sought-after executive coaching program, this course will equip you with the knowledge and frameworks you need to communicate with – and influence – your key stakeholders, without the one-on-one support. It’s all the best-practice theory, neatly packaged up into a course that fits your learning style.


What to expect:

As soon as you sign up to a course, you’ll get immediate access to a full suite of short, easy-to-digest video modules packed with the information you need to progress your leadership journey.

These are backed up by practical tips, frameworks and exercises to help you implement the learnings and communication principles into your day-to-day leadership.

Need more tailored support? My individual coaching program offers just that! Or reach out for options on one-off consultations.


How it works:

My online courses are hosted on the learning platform, Thinkific. Getting started is easy:

  1. Sign up to the course that works for you
  2. Pay securely using any major credit or debit card
  3. Get instant access to the course materials from any internet-connected device that works for you – your computer, a tablet, your phone – and start learning straight away.

Your enrolment gives you 12 months access to the course materials, so you can fast-track your leadership from anywhere, any time.


Wherever you want! Study at a time and place that suits you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Happy Clients

“An easily accessible course that provided the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the next step into a leadership role…an in-depth exploration of the science and skills required to position myself as a confident, empowered and authentic leader. Thank you for providing something that is so unique and transformative!”

Anne, Marketing & Communications Manager

“Catherine showcases a masterclass of communication, stepping you through the basics of understanding yourself and your audience, and then spring boarding into more advanced techniques on how to deliver effective messages authentically and confidently…easy to apply toolkits, in bite size modules. “

Peter, Leader & Sales Coach

“A fantastic resource where I could learn and refresh my knowledge of core communication principles. The program design enabled me to learn at my own pace, and pause and reflect where needed to have maximum impact.”

Jennie, Digital Strategist

“Catherine has developed a thorough program that covers the foundations and frameworks of effective communication in the workplace. The course equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to communicate and collaborate with confidence and uses video format to make the learning process both engaging and informative.”

Ann-Alysse, Manager, Sales Development