Communicate to Connect Program

Do you want to:

  • influence and inspire others?
  • build your leadership presence?
  • increase your confidence?
  • foster rapport and credibility?
  • drive business, team and personal success?
  • make a positive and lasting impact?

Then my Communicate to Connect program is just for you! 

“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.” 

– Warren Buffett

As the world leverages the power of technology, digital and social media, virtual reality, automation and AI, effective interpersonal communication skills are no longer considered a nice-to-have ‘soft skill’.

Rather, the ability to effectively communicate information and ideas has become one of the most critical skills required if you want to achieve your potential and make a positive contribution to your customers, team, peers, organisation, industry, community or society at large. The Communicate to Connect program is designed to help you become a more purposeful and effective communicator in all areas of your work so that you can maximise your success and impact.

Following my proven Connection Point Framework, you will learn the four communication principles and 10 communication practices required to connect with your audience during every interaction, whether it’s one person or one thousand.

During the program, you will learn the science behind effective communication; the art of each fundamental communication skill; and – most importantly – how to implement each skill into your day-to-day communication. More specifically, we’ll cover:


The communication process


Self-awareness and discovery


Communication conflict


Barriers to effective communication


Communication style


Listening to understand


Written communication skills


Verbal communication skills


Non-verbal communication skills


Symbolic communication


Thinking like a leader


Establishing your personal brand


Earning trust


Demonstrating confidence


Building your leadership presence

By the end of the program you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, resources and confidence to Communicate to Connect, setting the stage for you to:

  • inform, inspire, influence and persuade your teams, customers, peers, industry, networks and community
  • fast-track your business, team and personal success
  • And realise your contribution – and potential – as a leader.

But don’t take my word for it – here’s what previous participants have said:

Happy Clients

“I’m armed with techniques I had no idea about that have helped me communicate more clearly, succinctly and confidently plus understand my style vs. others’ and how to communicate and work best with both. I not only enjoyed our sessions but positively looked forward to them. Cath made me feel comfortable to try, fail and grow. This course gives you an armoury of communication tools to go into battle with so you thrive, versus survive. I only wish I did it years ago. Cath is a consummate professional with empathy and humour in spades.”

Rachel, Program Manager

“The Communicate to Connect program has helped me to realise the power of communication in any form. I always thought communication was as simple as delivering a message but it really has the power to connect, influence and build my own personal brand. The sessions are well structured including some theory and most importantly practical and relevant tips to my workplace environment. I have become more aware of who I am and what I want others to see, which makes me feel more confident and assertive when communicating. Taking this coaching is definitely one of the best investments I have ever made. Thanks Catherine!”

Paola, Senior Consultant

“You have provided me with many actionable strategies that have helped me build on my communication skills and overall confidence. This is something that not only I have noticed but also my colleagues. I had one colleague come up to me and say “whatever it is that you’re working on with your communications coach has really helped you. I can really notice a difference” and then another separately say “that presentation you just gave was really inspiring and makes me excited to be working on this project”. To know others have noticed is a fantastic testament to the course you’ve developed. Thanks for everything Cath! It’s been fantastic. Highly recommend this course!”

Ash, Manager

“Catherine’s approach aligned with my learning style which encouraged me to be open in our sessions and to truly engage in meaningful ways of getting the best from every communication interaction. Catherine also provided me with practical tools and techniques for me to practice and prepare effective communications. I recommend Catherine and her “Communicate to Connect” program highly, to assist leaders to get the best out of every interaction.”

David, Chief Executive Officer

“The Communicate to Connect program provided a very practical framework. Cath was awesome explaining the theory, but the big takeout were some practical tools [she provided] that can be applied on a daily basis to help make internal and external communication efforts more effective.”

Garth, Chief Development Officer

“I found the Communicate to Connect program very insightful and informative…the sessions were very beneficial and Catherine’s delivery style embraces the key principles that she coaches on.”

Dan, Commercial Director

“I started this course to increase my confidence in writing, hoping to get techniques to step away from the detail and land key points effectively. The framework Cath provides does exactly that and so much more, with the learnings from ‘flex your style’ significantly improving the way I communicate with different personalities to get to the desired outcome quickly. This course provides an array of practical tips and tricks to improve your communication, and when used together makes all the difference. Far from a cookie-cutter approach, Cath provides personalised support and offers a fresh perspective.”

Alex, Senior Research Consultant

How is the Communicate to Connect program delivered?

There are three delivery options to choose from:

  • Individual coaching program: highly personalised and tailored to your specific requirements, communication needs and schedule. Each session includes both learning and coaching based on your unique communication challenges and opportunities. Sessions are 60-minutes and can be held in-person at your Sydney-based office or another suitable Sydney location, or online via Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or similar. Choose whatever frequency works for you: weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.
  • Group mastermind program: held twice a year, via Zoom. Numbers are limited to six participants for each intake. Sessions are 45-minutes and are held on the same day and at the same time, every week for 12 weeks. The focus is on learning best practice approaches and sharing insights and experiences during the session or via the private WhatsApp group that is set up for each cohort.
  • Online program: a self-directed, on-demand option that gives you access to pre-recorded sessions and resources for 1-year. CLICK HERE to sign up

Whichever option you choose, you can expect the following:


  • Prep work – this may be background reading, a self-assessment, writing or an exploratory exercise. The prep work allows you to maximise your session time so you further your understanding.
  • The session – each session delves into a new communication practice, and covers best-practice tools, frameworks and techniques to help you develop your communication capabilities.
  • Practical application – actionable steps to ensure you immediately put your learnings into practice during your day-to-day interactions.
  • Throughout the program – exclusive access to me, working ‘behind the scenes’ to hold you accountable and keep your communication development on track.

Who is the Communicate to Connect program for?

For entrepreneurs and business owners

  • learn how to promote and market your business
  • build your reputation as a leading expert in your field
  • challenge the status quo or disrupt the market
  • nurture a loyal following of team members, customers and advocates
  • increase sales and accelerate your growth!

For managers, team leaders and individual contributors

  • accelerate your career to the next level
  • demonstrate confidence
  • build credibility amongst peers and senior leaders
  • showcase your expertise
  • position yourself as the future of the business
  • inspire and motivate team members
  • be the difference you want to see!

For senior executives and HR leaders

  • lead by example
  • create a high-performing team
  • foster empathy and understanding
  • build a positive workplace culture
  • increase employee engagement
  • improve productivity 
  • increase results – financial and otherwise!

What’s the investment?

  • Individual coaching program: AU$3,995 (+ GST)
  • Group mastermind program: AU$2,995 (+ GST)
  • Online program: AU$995 (+GST) – CLICK HERE to sign up and get started now!

To register your interest for the individual coaching or group mastermind option, simply click on the button below: