Connected Workplace Program

Do you want to create a connected, highly-engaged and high performing workplace? It all starts with effective leadership communication.

Do you want to:

  • Align your entire organisation behind a common purpose, vision and culture?
  • Launch or refresh your business strategy?
  • Transform your organisation with minimal disruption?
  • Drive employee engagement and foster a great place to work?
  • Reduce silos and increase collaboration?
  • Increase performance, productivity and business results?

What is a Connected Workplace? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this program is perefect for you and your business!

Robert Levering, Co-Founder of Great Places to Work, describes a great place to work as: “one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with.”

Trust in the workplace begins with clear, consistent, open and effective communication.

More than ever, employees want to understand the purpose and big-picture vision for the company they work for and the team they work within.

They want visibility of how their leaders will chart the course and guide the organisation towards success. And most importantly, employees want to know how they can contribute at an individual level. They want to know their work matters. That their role has meaning and direction. That their efforts contribute to the success of their team, the organisation and the community you serve.

This requires a purposeful and purpose-led communication strategy that’s clearly aligned to your business goals and strategy.

The Connected Workplace program aims to open the lines of communication to, from and between your Leadership Team, Managers and employees at all levels and corners of the organisation. Together, we build trust, instil pride and foster enjoyment by connecting everyone in your organisation behind a shared purpose, vision, mission, strategy and cultural values.

In doing so, we set the stage to build a highly-engaged, high-performing team, create a great place to work, and develop a truly connected workplace.

The Process:

The Connected Workplace program involves four distinct phases.

The work typically involved in each phase is outlined below, however the specific inclusions and duration of each phase will vary according to your requirements.

Client Feedback:

“I started working with Catherine shortly after taking up my MD role in a new company. Stressful times during which it is easy to focus on the tasks at hand and drop the ball on making sure the whole organisation is kept informed and engaged. Catherine was brilliant in [creating] regular inclusive, informative and motivating touch points with office and infield teams…making all seemingly disjointed content come into an overarching narrative…in an integrated manner that could engage the wider team’s minds and hearts…I can only recommend her expertise and services.”

Anelo, Managing Director

“Catherine is a curious, creative and masterful communicator. Having engaged Catherine on various projects including strategic communications, executive coaching and skills workshops, Catherine consistently demonstrates her wizardry in the field of verbal and written communication. She actively seeks to distill and simplify our spoken and written word to drive meaning and impact across the business. I would highly recommend Catherine for any business, team and/or individual seeking the tools and strategies to achieve cut through in a world of constant connectivity.”

Brooke, Head of Human Resources.

“Cath’s work in leading me through the creation of an effective communications strategy to empower and accelerate my team’s development, was second to none. She has an amazing ability to focus and simplify the message ensuring it achieves results.”

Mick, Senior Manager Customer Experience

“Catherine is simply one of the best in the business. She worked closely with me as I formed a brand new internal communications team, being an invaluable sounding board and strategic advisor. Cath delivered the framework for an internal communications strategy in a highly complex environment, mentoring and coaching for the team, and was a fantastic and energising person to be around. I highly recommend Cath to anyone seeking a seasoned strategic communications and leadership development professional.”

Patrick, Head of Internal Communication

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