Flex to Connect Program

By identifying your current Communication Style, Strengths and Development Areas we ready you to flex your style of communication instantly boosting your capability and effectiveness.

Do you:

  • …have colleagues, team members or clients you find it hard to connect with?
  • …ever feel you’re not getting through to people, or they’re not listening?
  • …find it hard to speak up during meetings or in conversations?
  • …want to learn how to build rapport and increase your chances of success?

My Flex to Connect workshop will identify your communication style and show you how to adapt your communication to suit your audience, so you create more meaningful connections at every interaction and unlock your potential to make a positive and lasting impact.

How it Works:

Many business (and personal) issues can be attributed to misunderstandings or misinterpretations, often as a result of differing communication styles and a lack of awareness as to how to communicate effectively with people of a different style.

This can cost time, money, relationships with your employees, team or clients and even your business or personal reputation.

My Flex to Connect workshop uses a diagnostic assessment tool to determine your unique communication style, strengths and development areas; how it compares to other styles of communication; and how to flex your style of communication to build better rapport and connection with your key stakeholders.

You will learn:


The fundamental components of communication and why we use them the way we do


How to improve your communication skills by emphasising your strengths and controlling your trouble spots


How to recognise the characteristics of different communication styles


Small improvements to implement in your everyday communication that will make big difference


Your personal communication style


The strengths and trouble spots associated with each communication style


How to distinguish behaviours that identify someone as a receptive listener


Why you work better with some people than others


How to flex your own style to match different communication styles

Is this program right for you?

The Flex to Connect workshop is perfect for:
  • The entrepreneur and business owner who needs to successfully communicate with others as the marketeer, the accountant, the human resources manager, the operations team and the thought leader
  • The business leader who wants to reduce communication problems that are negatively affecting employee satisfaction and engagement, customer relations and business productivity
  • The manager or team leader looking for a fun and valuable team-building exercise; who wants build their communication skills; and who wants to learn how to manage others more efficiently and effectively
  • The individual contributor looking to build their confidence, establish their credibility and improve the impact of their day-to-day interactions

Client Feedback:

The Flex to Connect workshop was extremely helpful – it provided valuable insight into the different ways people communicate and how we can utilise this knowledge to improve outcomes in our business settings and day-to-day lives

 The workshop helped me understand how I communicate and how my team members communicate, which I now think about each time I connect with my team. Catherine’s very engaging and we had some fun along the way!

The Flex to Connect Workshop made me aware of the way I appear to others even though that is not necessarily how I thought of myself. This will be a great help in engaging with people. 

The program was easy to understand, interactive, highly practical and will be invaluable to my relationships, both at work and at home.

Cath is a great motivator and makes you feel comfortable and at ease in all situations. This workshop was interactive and interesting and will not only benefit me but the people around me too. Thanks for a great workshop!

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