Love them or loathe them, 1-2-1 meetings are like mini health checks that give leaders an insight into the productivity and loyalty of your greatest asset: your people.

So how can 1-2-1 meetings improve employee engagement?

1-2-1 meetings make you a better leader

You can identify potential roadblocks before they become major problems.

You can quickly address any frustrations, challenges or concerns that might be hindering productivity.

You get to recognise a team members contribution and achievement.

You get to motivate and inspire them by contextualising how their role fits into the greater purpose and long-term vision for your team and organisation.

Above all, you get to listen to how your employees are feeling, what’s playing on their minds, whether they are struggling or thriving, how you can help them achieve their goals and ambitions and, ideally, even how you can become a more impactful leader…a key driver of engagement.

So how can 1-2-1 meetings improve employee engagement for the team member?

Employees feel heard and valued

For your team members, 1-2-1 meetings help increase clarity and certainty around their role and expectations.

They get to understand how the work they do day-in, day-out contributes to the overall success of the team and the wider organisation, giving them a greater sense of purpose and direction.

They get to give and receive open, honest, constructive and timely feedback.

They get to discuss their career aspirations and map out development opportunities to help them grow and advance professionally and personally.

Most importantly, having your undivided attention can help employees feel that their opinions genuinely matter and are respected; that they are a truly valued member of your team.

A facilitator of trust

For both the employee and you as their leader, 1-2-1 meetings provide a unique opportunity to foster your relationship, build rapport, increase trust and ultimately connect with each other.

Combined, these elements play a critical role in an employee’s level of engagement with their work, with their team, with the organisation, and with you as a leader.